AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo 2019
Exhibit Floor Education Activities 
The list of educational activities below is updated as new providers join.
Booth Title Format Fund Provider
324 Infection Prevention WK
506 The Perioperative Registered Nurse and Patient Engagement SG
524 Containerizing Pre-configured Instrument Trays: What You Need to Know WK
524 Surgical Grades of Instruments: The Manufacturing Process WK
600 Pain Management Strategies to Reduce Opioid Use in Orthopedic Patients WK
600 Strategies for Overcoming Resistance to Surgical Smoke Evacuation in the OR WK
600 Advances in Surgical Site Infection Prevention WK
600 Opioid Reduction Strategies in Surgical Patients WK
724 Prone Positioning WK
724 Risk Factors for Pressure Injury: The Cmunro Scale Teaching Tool WK
733 Endoluminal Resection of Pre-Malignant and Early Stage Malignant Lesions SG
800 Surgical Headlights: Safety and Technology Review SG
808 Unraveling the Mysteries of Biologics SG
838 Finding Harmony by Practicing Self Care WK
838 Reducing OR Waste WK
846 Improving Outcomes in Laparoscopy Through Better Techniques and Technology: A Focus on Electrosurgical Energy SG
855 Sustainability SG
900 Smoke Evacuation/Dangers of Smoke Plume WK
900 When It Counts: Validating No Sponge Left Behind WK
900 Healthcare Acquired Conditions: Reimbursement and Financial Penalties WK
900 Enhancing Safety in MIS by Photoimaging (Advanced Imaging) WK
900 Improved Surgical Outcomes WK
1024 Lifting the curtain: Air quality and the untold story of surgical site infection prevention WK
1024 Where the Dirty Things Are WK
1136 Reduce the Risk of Contamination on the Surgical Back Table WK
1212 Evolution of OR Visualization WK
1212 Infection Prevention in the OR: Protection for Patients and Healthcare Professionals WK
1212 Safe Tourniquet Use WK
1224 Surgical Smoke WK
1224 Preventing Retained Surgical Items: The Risk of Reliance on Sponge Counting and X-ray WK
1252 Pressure Injury Prevention Throughout the Continuum of Perioperative Patient Care WK
1300 Scope Reprocessing WK
1300 Instrument Care & Cleaning WK
1500 Surgical Positioning WK
1500 Understanding Facial Protection: What to Know and What to Wear WK
1500 Surgical Gloves/Hand Protection WK
1500 Impact of Heat in the Operating Room WK
1510 Reducing the Risk of Surgical Site Infections WK
1510 Electrosurgical Patient Safety WK
1624 Transfusion Reduction Strategies WK
1714 How Your Team's Communication Can Impact Positioning Safety WK
1824 Skin Safety: Preventing Perioperative Pressure Injuries WK
1824 Surgical Site Infections: Strategies for Prevention WK
1831 Surgical Tourniquet Safety SG
1900 Surgical Smoke Evacuation WK
2008 Road Map to Recertification WK
2016 How AORN Guidelines Can Help You Erase SSIs SG
2024 TBD WK
2130 Patient Positioning: Focus on Patient and Staff Safety WK
2215 Emerging Diseases and Screening for Tissue Donors SG
2215 Tissue Donation: Supporting the Grief and Loss Process of Donor Families WK
2224 Safety & Efficiency: Why high performing teams need both WK
2234 Safe Patient Positioning SG
2247 The Culture of Compassion SG
2314 How Electrosurgery Affects Procedures and Patients: Keeping it Current WK
2524 Positioning Patients Safely for Lengthy Procedure WK
2524 Positioning Patient for Hip Arthroscopy WK
2600 Improving Speed and Quality of OR Turnover WK
2724 The Nose Knows: Addressing SSI Prevention and Antibiotic Stewardship Through Povidone-Iodine Antiseptic Nasal Decolonization SG
2730 OR Optimization WK
2730 Preventing Retained Surgical Items: The Risk of Reliance on Sponge Counting and X-ray WK
2800 Preventing Perioperative Bacterial Transmission  
2800 Reducing Orthopedic SSIs Using Continuous Environmental Disinfection WK
*Key: Study Guide (SG), Workshop (WK), Simulation (SIM)