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Based on your understanding of the prevalence and burden of osteoarthritis and obesity in the

U.S, please answer the following questions.

1. Which best characterizes middle-aged women?

A. Higher weight results in an increased lifetime risk of total knee replacement.

B. Obesity plays a critical role in increasing the impact of OA on disability and

healthcare costs.

C. Obese people have double the risk of developing symptomatic hip and knee OA.

D. All of the above.

2. In the U.S., annual medical costs for obesity are estimated to be:

A. $3.4 Billion.

B. $22.6 Billion.

C. $128 Billion.

D. $147 Billion.


Of those with doctor-diagnosed OA, which populations report greater work limitations

and more severe joint pain?

A. Whites and Hispanics.

B. Blacks and Hispanics.

C. Women of all racial/ethnic groups.

D. There are no differences based on race/ethnicity or gender.



D – All of the above. Obesity is associated with onset of knee OA, disease progression,

disability, total knee replacement, poor clinical outcomes after joint arthroplasty, and

healthcare costs.


D – $147 Billion. Annual medical costs are estimated to be $147 Billion for obesity and

$128 Billion for arthritis.


B – Blacks and Hispanics. These groups have more severe symptoms with OA and

report higher levels of joint pain that lead to greater work limitations.