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*Key: Study Guide (S), Workshop (W)
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5933 Steep Trendelenburg Positioning: Effective and Safe from A to Z W
6031 Operating Room Integration (ORI): How Digital Integration Can Impact Workflow, Staff Satisfaction, and Patient Safety in the Perioperative Environment W
6031 Safe Patient Positioning: How to Mitigate Risk in All Perioperative Phases of Care W
6313 Antiseptic Solutions: How Sterile are They? S
6323 Radiation Protection:  Focus on Staff Safety and Proper Garment Care W
6331 Insufflation: Patients Under Pressure W
6331 Let's Clear the Air: The Time is Now W
6441 Instrument and Scope Reprocessing: A Closer Look at Proper Cleaning and Verification W
6456 Surgical Smoke: No More Smoking in the OR S
6613 Hemostatic Agents: Intraoperative Blood Management to Minimize Surgical Complications W
6613 Wound Closure: Advanced Strategies to Improve Outcomes W
6623 Evacuate Surgical Smoke: Everyone Has a Right to Clean Air W
6629 The Healthy OR W
6629 Pandemics and Beyond: An Evidence Based Approach to Resiliency in the Perioperative Environment W
6741 Reducing the Risks of Surgical Smoke During Laparoscopic Surgery W
6747 Pressure Injury Prevention Throughout the Continuum of Perioperative Patient Care W
6829 Clinical Guidelines and Best Practices to Reduce the Risk of SSI: Skin Antisepsis and Nasal Decolonization W
6829 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)-Compliant Perioperative Normothermia Protocol W
6841 Surgical Smoke W
6841 Supporting a Safe, Quality Culture to Prevent Retained Surgical Sponges W
6913 When It Counts: Validating No Sponge Left Behind  W
6913 Protecting the Air You Breathe W
6913 Enhancing Surgical Safety with Advanced Photoimaging W
6913 Advanced Skin Closure W
7028 Value Based LEAN Solutions: Creating Standardization Efficiencies in the OR W
7028 Surgical Site Infections: Take Action to Stop SSIs in Their Tracks W
7041 The Ins and Outs of Counts: Advances in Surgical Count Technology W
7041 It's a Dirty World… Let’s Take the Next Step W
7231 Infection Prevention: Protecting Yourself, Protecting Your Patient
7349 Infection Prevention – The New Frontier: Measuring the Impact of Air Quality in the Operating Room on Patients and Staff W
7422 Use of Antiseptics in Healthcare S  
7429 The Importance of Tourniquet and Cuff Safety W
7429 Protecting Your Staff and Patients From Infection W  
7429 Power Tools: Why Efficiency Matters W  
7441 What Lies Beneath? Comprehending Tissue Tolerance Under the Skin W
7441 Reducing OR-Associated Pressure Injuries Swimmingly through Fluid Immersion Simulation W
7731 Visual Fatigue and Surgical Lights W
7922 The Role of Textiles in Creating a Safer and Healthier Perioperative Environment W
7929 Why Am I Receiving Dirty Instruments? W
8031 Advances in Hip Arthroscopy: Making Surgery Safer S
8031 Safe Patient Positioning for Extended Procedures W
8031 Laparoscopic Visibility and Positive Patient Outcomes W
8031 Best Practices for Safe Perioperative Positioning W
8031 Safe Reverse Trendelenburg Positioning for Bariatric Procedures S
8041 The Importance of an Elevated Patient Experience: A Journey of Transformation S
8240 Strategies for Surgical Site Infection Prevention Throughout the Perioperative Phases of Care S
8351 Unconscious Bias: Impact on Patients S
8433 Contaminated Air: The Invisible Threat to Patients and Healthcare Workers W
8549 Standardized Perioperative Documentation S  
8731 Maintaining the Sterile Barrier in the Real World W  
8833 Endoluminal Resection of Pre-Malignant and Early-Stage Malignant Lesions: Considerations in Gastrointestinal Therapeutic Endoscopy S
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